Corrupted Blood Hearthstone

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Corrupted Blood is a 1 cost Invalid card from the set Rastakhan’s Rumble.

100+ DAMAGE HAKKAR’S BLOOD! - Rastakhan’s Rumble HearthstoneCorruption will not kill the minion upon cast but will take effect at the start of your next turn. Be aware that your opponent will see which minion you have cast Corruption upon, and may therefore choose to use that minion to deal as much damage as possible before the next turn -.

Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! meme deck, alright? XD. but i personaly think it will be fun to play (im very exited to try it), well the combo its basicly pulling some hakkars from your kobold ilussionist with the help of umbra and the 5 cost spell that trigers twice your deathrattle, then in the next turn (or later if you cant) you drop hemet destroying all bloods from.

The Blood God Hakkar has come to spread his plague amongst all the players in Hearthstone. Starting now, playing a full game — start to finish no conceding allowed — against anyone who is using the Hakkar card back in Hearthstone will spread the card to you.

The goal of this deck is to outlast every threat your opponent throws at you while they writhe in horror at the anticipation of their inevitable death.

Honestly, I find it a bit of a d***-move on Blizzard’s side to introduce a spine-pet during Legion. Before, one could collect 9 blood, pull the amalgamation into them and aoe the blood down for instant 9 stacks. Now, however, our damage is too high, blowing the amalgamation up too early.

This is working pretty well for me. I replaced Shadow Madness with Lyra, trading minions with shadow madness has a chance to mess up the spellstone and eternal servitude revival if you revive an enemy minion you grabbed with shadow madness (this sentence could use some work but I.

Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more!

Vor 1 Tag  · So I manage to force my opponent to draw a ridiculous amount of Corrupted Blood during my turn and proc his Ice Block. We both stick around wondering how many Corrupted Blood he will be force to draw on his turn. If you’re not familiar with the effect, the more you draw the worse it get because it’s exponential damage. *(See Hakkar, the.

Card Text. Casts When Drawn Take 3 damage. After you draw, shuffle two copies of this into your deck.

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